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High performance inspection and monitorization systems

Relogable S.L. and its subsidiary Taubox S.L. are providers of high performance and real-time monitorization/inspection systems for energy, health and transport markets.

Headquartered in Las Rozas, Madrid (Spain), Relogable/Taubox S.L. offers outstanding engineering and consultant services for a wide range of sensing technologies, providing custormers with integrated solutions that optimizes the operational capacity of their infrastructures and products (Energy,Transport) or improving the lifestyle of particulars with advanced Healthcare solutions.


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Our History

2012 -

Foundation of Relogable. Partnership with Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) for the development of Healthcare related projects through the Subprogram INNPACTO 2012 calls of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Project MAG-INR
Exp Ref nº IPT-2012-0359-010000
Annuity 2012 - 2015
Aid Loan - 450.348,45€
Grant - 89.792,00€

2013 -

Foundation of Taubox. Partnership with Taubox and UCM for the development of Energy Harvesting projects through calls of the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology. (IDI-20120608). Introduction of first high performances inspection/monitorization prototypes in energy and railway transport customers.

2014 -

Consolidation and certification. Installation of inspection systems prototypes in energy and railway infraestructures for validation. Reorientation of the Healthcare division for PoC and Lab-On-a-Chip based device development.

2015 -

Validation of sensing prototypes and inspection systems in real time operation. Approval of H2020 SME Phase I European project related with monitorization of Overhead Power Transmission Lines by novel DLR technologies.


The Best Professionals in High-Impact Technology areas


Our engineerign team offers solutions for design and development high performance sensors for a wide range of applications.

Applied Physics

Our physics team offers support for engineers in PDE and FEM-based simulations in order to set the guidelines of technological developments

Physical Chemistry

Our physical chemistry team offers solutions for implementation of chemical/biochemical reagents in PoC and LoaC technologies.


Our informatic team offers solutions for source code implementation, GUI developments and communications