Recent Projects

H2020 - Smart Monitoring System for Overhead Power Lines

HighTech and real time "Time-of-Flight"-based solutions for Dynamic Line Rating monitorization... Read More

Point-of-Care devices

Magnetoelastic and mechanical solutions for determination of levels of proteins in blood at home... Read More

Energy Harvesting from conductors

Use of available electromagnetic energy in high voltage conductors to feed sensoring systems... Read More

Energy Harvesting from railways

Use of available electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical energy in railways to feed railway infrastructure subsystems and sensors... Read More

Railway sensoring

Taubox/Relogable develop solutions in rain crossing detection, monitorization of magnetic fields in catenaries and defects in high-speed railway elements... Read More

ERTMS solutions

Taubox/Relogable develop solutions for railway safety and balisse auscultation... Read More